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From the lips of...

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22 June
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Lets see shall we...

I like Japan, and all the craziness that it comes with. But I'm also well versed in the culture and history, so don't write me off as some anime/manga junkie that doesn't know a Shinto Shrine from a roped off tourist spot.

I absolutely adore Star Trek TOS, that's the original series. Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley truely are the original golden trio. Did anyone else catch the blatant, in your face, theme of global acceptance and the abolishment of predjudice? It was pretty funny most of the time too.

I live in Florida, have my whole life, but I'm really pale. Seriously, I burned once in the car on the way to Ponce Inlet. I live 15 minutes from Ponce.

I'm willing to say I'm bisexual, since I've dated guys, but honestly I never enjoyed it. So make of that what you will.

I really like to write and I most certainly take requests for fics. If you give me a prompt and I've heard of the series/movie/book, I'll write it for you.