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Glee Fic: Gone, Not Forgotten Chapter 6

Title: Gone, Not Forgotten
Chapter: 6
Summary: When Alpha in training Blaine Anderson finds a wounded lycan in the woods all of his training is put to the test.
Rating: PG
A/N: The plot thickens. Or does it...probably. At this point I would hope so.


Robert was facing a bit of a dilemma. Although he believed entirely that it was the boy's father who'd abused him Kurt didn't seem to be upset by it. And until Kurt was well enough to take care of himself Robert couldn't risk upsetting him too much. Acting as if Kurt hadn't asked anything could be seen as just a bad a slight as lying to him. “We don't know where your dad is right now Kurt. But we are looking for him alright.” Not a lie, not really. And it seemed to ease a little of Kurt's tension. The boy was obviously upset that his father was “missing” but he seemed pleased that they were looking for him. Leah caught Robert's eye. She seemed a little more torn on the direction he was taking but she knew why. She knew exactly what could happen if they expressed their opinions too harshly right now.

“Dad...fin' dad?”

Leah hummed sadly and pressed her hand low on Kurt's side. “Of course honey. We'll find your dad.” She feels bad about the deception. She'd like to think that if her son were in this position she'd want Robert to tell him the whole truth. But as Beta she knows they can't. And in truth she's not sure, if it came down to it, she could tell him the truth to his face. Leah shakes away the bad thoughts and urges Kurt up off the grass. Lycan or not he was still ill. He'd been outside in the cold for too long. “Inside, come on little one.” Kurt huffed at the endearment but rolled to his knees and slowly stood. He clung to her as they went back into the house, holding onto the hem of her sweater like a lost little child.

Everyone had done their best to air out Everett's scent. It still clung heavily to the dining room and Robert's study but that's not where they were going. For some reason Blaine was moping up in his room. Everett had told them last night that he'd felt he'd done something wrong. And while Malaya seemed to have a hunch about what it was no one was coming forward. Leah wasn't too worried. If Malaya felt it could be kept secret it had to be something trivial. Blaine had heard Kurt's little escape act and panicked but he'd refused to make a move once he'd heard the Omega's were going to spend some time with him. Robert was less inclined to let Blaine's transgression slip, erroneous or otherwise. If Blaine was likely to hand over the reins of his title for any little reason he would have to seriously reconsider giving him the title of Alpha. It wasn't something he wanted to do. It wasn't something Everett wanted either.

As good as Everett was at exuding an Alpha presence he wasn't good at much else. He lacked the ability to emotionally connect with his pack on the level necessary. He was too good at making tough decisions that sacrificed something. Knowing someone could do it in a time of urgency was good but to know that a man could heartlessly make a decision to condemn someone for the greater good didn't sit right with him. Not that Robert thought his son cruel. He was just too calculating, too much of a tactician. He'd have made a good soldier. But if Blaine really felt insecure enough to hand over the title he coveted so much maybe he wasn't prepared to handle it.

Robert knew the exact moment Blaine registered they were on their way. He couldn't hear his son's movements and his presence seemed to have shrunk. Like Blaine was trying to suck in all of scent and hide. Even still Kurt seemed to have picked up on Blaine's scent. He perked up, edging out from behind Leah and following his nose towards Blaine's room. “Blaine?” Robert and Leah shared a smile and stood back as Kurt wobbled to the door. He whined when he tried to turn the knob and found it locked. “Blaine. Blaine. BLAINE.” Kurt growled and smacked the door with his flat palm. When that didn't immediately get a response he growled louder and made to smack the door again but Robert pulled him back. He cupped his hand around the back of Kurt's neck and cleared his throat.

“The door Blaine. Someone wants to visit.” Almost immediately after Blaine opened the door for them. He smiled at them sheepishly like he simply hadn't heard them standing there. He was looking increasingly scruffy and today it looked like he hadn't bothered to put in any hair gel. To Robert that last part was a blessing. His son's hair got more ridiculous with each passing year. Kurt seemed to like it too. He almost squealed at the sight of Blaine and clutched his own hair.

“Blaine!” Kurt had no trouble slipping out of Robert's grasp to get to Blaine. He wasted no time wrapping himself around him either. Blaine's arms came out automatically to wrap around him and steady him. “Blaine. Blaine home.”

“Yeah, I'm home.” Blaine sounds a little guilty. And he should feel that way. These past few days Blaine has done anything and everything he could to keep out of the house. While it was honorable of him to be trying so hard to catch Kurt's tormentor it wasn't the best thing he could do for Kurt. Even though Kurt had been delirious and sick out of his mind at the time Kurt's wolf had recognized Blaine. The longer Blaine stayed away the more Kurt pined. It was obvious to everyone that he did best when Blaine was with him. At the moment Kurt was stooped low, his back arched out, so that he could comfortably tuck his head under Blaine's chin.

“Kurt's been feeling a lot better today. Maybe you could spend some time with him.”

Blaine doesn't bother coming up with an excuse. To someone outside the pack it may have sounded like a suggestion but Blaine knows without a doubt that it was his Alpha giving him an order. Blaine wasn't sure if he was ready but it would be good practice. Today would be the first day since the incident that he would be interacting with Kurt as someone not in a position of power. Hopefully without the title Alpha looming over his head he would be able to work out his problems. “We can watch a movie. Right Kurt?” Blaine tries to look down at Kurt's face but the most he can see is a mess of cinnamon colored hair and the very tip of his upturned nose. Instead of answering Kurt slips around Blaine, keeping as much contact as possible, and wanders into the room. Blaine follows him quietly, barely noticing Robert and Leah's departure.

Kurt wandered around his room like a curious kitten, pawing at his sheets and the things lining his dressers and walls. Kurt was especially fixated with the record player in the corner. He ran his finger around the record back and forth several times before getting distracted by Blaine's laptop. He opened it and swiped his finger over the pad. The lock screen came up and Kurt snorted, no longer interested. Blaine let him work around the room. He was interested to know what drew Kurt in. Music obviously meant something to him, but he already knew that. And they knew too that he could work a laptop. Besides that Kurt seemed most interested in the colorful row of Disney movies under Blaine's television and his bedspread.

Kurt plucked a few DVD's off the shelf and carried them the bed where he spread them all out in front of him. He'd picked up “The Fox and the Hound”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “Beauty and the Beast”. Blaine's personal favorite was “The Lion King” but these weren't bad either. Kurt is lying on his belly, the movies in a line in front of him and he's just staring. So Blaine eases onto the bed as well, not too close, and looks over the choices as well. He makes a big show of humming and hawing over the cases much to Kurt's pleasure. Blaine doesn't want to watch “Beauty and the Beast” at the moment. He can just see it now, halfway through he'll start lingering on the themes and make himself sick with worry. So that's out and “Fox and the Hound” is most definitely out. He's not entirely sure why Disney felt they could get away with making such a sad cartoon for children but he's not buying in today. Which leaves Ariel's animated adventures which aren't so sad on the whole.

A lot of children in the pack watched it to cope with losing an older family member or a beloved Omega to another pack. It could probably help Kurt too. “This one?” He hold up the movie he's picked and waits for Kurt to nod before taking it to the DVD player. Blaine lets the commercials play while he digs under his bed for a long plastic tub. He keeps a stash of junk food in it, cakes, chips, all those types of goodies he and his friends crave late at night. He grabs a little bit of everything. By now Kurt is eating normally just separate from the pack. Tonight he'll probably have dinner with them though. A little snack won't hurt their appetites though. And Kurt immediately snatches up a package of cheesecake brownies. Blaine watches him eat a little in awe. Somehow he'd gotten it into his head that someone of Kurt's build and features would be a dainty eater. Instead Kurt looked the picture of a teenage Lycan. It was sort of funny.

Blaine doesn't comment one way or the other, unwilling to upset him when they're starting out so well. Instead he starts the movie and settles down with a package of beef jerky. They make it all the way to the end of Sebastian's song before Kurt is leaning up against him. At first Blaine stiffens, afraid that Kurt might try something sexual. Before Blaine could figure out a way to fend him off Kurt slipped his hand into the bag and stole a large strip of jerky. He giggled in Blaine's face and munched away on the snack like a brazen child with a stolen cookie. “Hey...” Blaine pouted and held the package up higher. It sent Kurt into another fit of laughter. It shook his whole body, the sound and feel of it washing over Blaine in a wave. He wanted more of it.

So as the movie played Blaine got into character. All of them. He talked along with the movie making gestures and singing along with as many parts as he could at once. Beside him Kurt hummed and laughed and snacked happy as can be. As a movie drew to a close Blaine felt a little hoarse but very happy. He'd kept the atmosphere light and joyful. And though he'd be close to Kurt he hadn't been too overly friendly, nothing a normal group of wolves would scoff at. The overwhelming urge to kiss, to take, to mark his territory was still there. But Blaine held it in check. Kurt didn't make it easy though.

He'd spent a majority of the movie leaning heavily against Blaine, draping himself across his lap and pawing at Blaine's hair. He was absolutely fascinated by the curls. A tiny part of Blaine wanted to roll and show Kurt his belly. A larger part of him wanted to roll on top of Kurt and bite the back of his neck until he went limp. Blaine's sanity clung desperately to the submissive instincts that were so out of character for him. It became harder to control himself when Kurt scraped his nails across his scalp and when he pressed his delicate nose into the hollow of his nose and inhaled. “My Blaine.” The whispered words tickled Blaine's throat sending a shiver through his body.

Inside Blaine's wolf howled. It was itching to get out, rolling and stretching under his skin and ready to burst out. He couldn't help himself. Just a moment of weakness, a small concession to hold him over. Blaine buried his nose in Kurt's hair and sniffed letting the smell of caramel wash over him. Caramel. That wasn't right. He'd smelt like candied apples before. Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt pulling him in tight. He took a deep breath and once again was overwhelmed by the smell of caramel. It must be the monkshood. Kurt wasn't an omega. Eventually his smell would mature and become less and less sweet. Could Kurt be an alpha? A beta? He could of course just be one of the many wolves who had no greater distinction. That would be most likely. But Blaine had grown to love his sickly sweet smell. He wasn't ready for the implications of handling what Kurt could become later.

“Blaine?” Kurt tries to pull himself away to look at Blaine but the alpha holds tight. He's scared to lose this moment. He refused to give way until Kurt begins digging his nails into Blaine's shoulder. “Blaine? Blaine sad?” Kurt wrestled his way out of Blaine's tight grip and is looking closely at Blaine's face. They're almost nose to nose. He runs his fingers over Blaine's face and through his wild mess of curls. The concern is obvious on his face.

“Blaine's okay.” Blaine tipped his head forward, bopping their noses together with a small wane smile. “I'm okay. Are you?” He waited for Kurt's hum to the affirmative then slipped off the bed. He decidedly ignored the sad look on his face and made his way to the DVD player. Kurt whined when he turned it off but scooted off the bed at Blaine's insistence regardless. “It's dinner time I think.” His nose was still clogged with the smell of caramel but he could make out the wisps of pork and wild rice in the air. He leads Kurt out of his room and down the stairs with a hand on his lower back. He wants so badly to cup his hand around the boy's neck or to tuck his fingers over Kurt's hip but he can't. He'd made his concession for the day.

As the two of them drew closer to the dining room Kurt became more and more skittish. He pressed himself heavily against the hand on his back and kept his eyes wide and alert. His nose was going a mile a minute, heaving his chest and absorbing too many scents to make any sense of anything. Without the Omega's from before to soften the blow it was like the morning all over again. When they reached the archway to the dining room Kurt gave up all pretense and curled himself into Blaine's side. His face though was still tipped up like he was too prideful to completely back down.

Although the inhabitants of the dining room made no outward motions to suggest they'd noticed their new addition it was clear that they were all very aware he was there. Blaine could see the pouting faces of children who'd clearly been told to keep their eyes on their plates and the teenagers discreetly sniffing the air. His parents and Leah greet him warmly. Then the Omega's and finally Blaine's closest friends. Kurt seems to vaguely remember the boys who sang to him. His gaze lingers on them for a moment longer at any rate. Blaine takes it as a good sign and ushers him into a seat next to Wes. The din of chatter that usually fills the dining room to the brim is almost hushed. The sounds of silverware clinking against plates is the most prominent thing. Besides that it's really only Blaine and Wes's parents who are moving on like business as usual.

A full steaming plate gets passed around to the seat in front of Kurt. He takes a cautious sniff and looks at the array of faces lining the long dining table. When he sees no one watching him or acting strangely he picked up his fork, just a touch shaky, and takes a bite of rice. Years of practice allow Blaine to pick up on the subtle ease in tension that's gone around the room. Blaine fills his own plate and starts in as well.

“Did you hear about Ashley's cousin?” Jeff is leaning forward almost vibrating with the need to get out his new gossip. Blaine doesn't remember hearing anything about him. He's been too busy trying to track down Kurt's family to keep up with the Dalton rumor mill.

“No?” Blaine leans in, and a quick look around shows all his friends have as well. Even Kurt looks like he's straining to listen though he hasn't moved too far from his plate.

“His cousin, that really jittery girl Leila, she thinks she attacked by a vampire.” Jeff looks inexplicably pleased with himself for delivering the news. If it were true it'd be a bombshell. But there really was no 'I think' or 'maybe' when it came to vampire attacks. Unlike the Lycans they kept themselves secret. Most people opened themselves up to the possibility that if Lycans were real all supernatural beings were but a small group would still only believe what they could see. Vampire's capitalized on this. They had a council in place rather than a figure head like the Lycans. They used this council to appoint secret keepers who would help regulate feeding. Vampires were warned by their council to never kill, only to feed in small amounts from many different humans.

If a vampire was disobeying the council they wouldn't have let Leila slip away. It would be too risky. Blaine wagered that she probably got felt up by an aggressive drunk or a fetishist wearing plastic teeth. Blaine went to say as much when he felt a sharp pain on his arm. It was Kurt, holding onto his forearm with a death grip. His eyes were wide and terrified. A small whine built up in his throat and Blaine was at a loss. Could vampire's be the culprit? “Hey, it's okay. Jeff's just telling stories. Leila's fine.” Jeff opened his mouth ready to defend his rumor when Thad's leg shot out under the table and kicked him harshly in the shin.

The kick and Jeff's cut off swear drew the full attention of Blaine's father. “What's this about a vampire attack Jeffery?” Kurt heaved out a panicked little breath and leaned over in his chair as close to Blaine as he could get. Blaine ran his hands over Kurt's back to calm him. He shot his father a warning look which was very pointedly ignored. “Jeffery?”

Jeff hunched down in his seat, no longer excited. “Well Leila is kind of dramatic and gullible.” Jeff's eyes flicked to his Alpha's and promptly sat up straight and looked him in the eye. “Ashley told me that Leila said she'd been attacked in Columbus after a movie. It let out at 11:45, uh at night obviously, and she said a pale man came up to her and offered her a ride home. And when she said no he lunged at her. But he backed off when Leila's friends came out of the theater. She said he ran off but not towards the parking lot.” Jeff finished his story with an awkward clearing of his throat. Robert didn't seem concerned at all. To him and most of the people listening it seemed like Leila had just ran into a asshole human that wanted to cop a feel.

Kurt didn't seem so reassured. He was still clutching to Blaine like a vampire would burst out of the center of the table at any moment. “It's okay Kurt. No vampires here. They don't come into our territory. Not even for business. Never.” He tried to calm Kurt, shushing and cooing at him. It wasn't until the Omega's jostled around the table and took new seats that Kurt calmed. Their combined sweet scents had Kurt loosening his grip and easing back into his seat fully.

“I'll look into it but it seems to me like Leila just ran into a handsy human.” Robert successfully washed away the last bit of doubt among the pack, all except for Kurt. Who still seemed a little on edge despite the Omega's help. Blaine shared a look with his mother. No one wanted vampires to be the answer. It was a bigger mess than they were prepared to handle. Through the rest of dinner Blaine kept close to Kurt, encouraging him to get involved with their conversations. He wasn't able to do more than hum or give vague one word answers but it was something.

After the meal Blaine's parents and Leah rose from the table, after a moment Wes's father and a few other men stood as well. They were clearly going to discuss the possibility of vampire involvement in Kurt's case. Blaine wanted nothing more than to rise and follow after them but he knew he couldn't. He'd given up that right when he passed his title to Everett. Blaine clenched his jaw as they passed by. He'd made his choice. He would serve the pack best if he was just part of the pack. He turned his attention to Kurt who was now dragging his fork through the rivulets of grease and sauce left on his plate. “You can have more.” Blaine leans over the table and picks up a plate that still has a few pieces of pork roast left on it. He offers it out to Kurt. “Take some.” Blaine rocks the plate slowly back and forth in his hand trying to tempt Kurt into another piece. He's too small to not take seconds.

Kurt takes another small piece but pushes it around on his plate with his fork for a while before eating it. All the while Blaine is watching him, his chin propped up on his palm. The Omega's drifted away slowly following after wolves here and there probably hoping to make a good impression before the next full moon. Blaine wants to run with Kurt. He wants to take him up to the southern edge of the property where anise grows in large clumps over soft green grass. He wants to take Kurt to the stack of moss covered rocks that feel like heaven under your paws. He wants to play hide and seek with Kurt in the trees then cuddle up with him when the night's about to be over. It won't be that way though. For Kurt's first run with the pack it's customary for him to run with Blaine's parents. Closer to the morning they might herd him off with a group of his peers, or maybe the Omegas if they feel he's not a threat.

Blaine wouldn't get any private cuddle time, just a puppy pile. Which had it's perks. It had after all lead to their first kiss. Which, no. No that was bad. Blaine would have to wear himself out before the moon so his wolf was too tired to make a move. While Lycan's had more control over their lupine self than their Werewolf counterparts they still weren't one hundred percent in control. Wolves had needs that the human brain wouldn't prioritize. If Blaine's wolf wanted to claim Kurt it wouldn't let something as stupid as illness get in the way. Not when it knew Kurt was on the mend. Not with his scent changing. Blaine's wolf would try to capitalize on the sweet submissive scent he was giving off. Caramel was easier to dominate than something earthy. If Blaine's wolf could drive the message home that Kurt was his to dominate while he was still pliable it would stick even as his scent matured.

It would be best if he stayed out of the way of Kurt's first run with their pack. He couldn't risk souring the experience. As much as it would hurt to have Kurt with him forever out of reach, it would hurt even more to watch him leave forever. Blaine straightened up as Kurt finished his pork and offered him another piece. Kurt turned it down and the bowl of wild rice. “Want to watch another movie? A lot of us are meeting in the rec room.” Blaine held his hand out in invitation. He tried to ignore the warmth and joy that settled over his body when Kurt took his hand. They could be friends. Best friends.
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