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Glee Fic: Gone, Not Forgotten Chapter 5

Title: Gone, Not Forgotten
Chapter: 5
Summary: When Alpha in training Blaine Anderson finds a wounded lycan in the woods all of his training is put to the test.
Rating: PG
A/N: I think I broke up a chapter long somewhere along the way so please let me know if this one reads weird.


He didn't like who he was. Not after taking advantage of Kurt. He had vowed to be an Alpha that took care of each and every wolf in his pack. He wanted to earn the trust and devotion of all of them. How could he do that now? How could he look his pack in the eye after he'd proven to himself that he didn't deserve the position? Blaine needed to be grounded. He felt shaky and weak, only an alpha's influence would help him. His father was out of the question. It may be a cowardly move but Blaine wasn't ready to confess what he'd done. Not after his father had trusted him with so much. That left one of his brothers and if you needed to feel enveloped in an alpha's presence there was nothing like lying next to his brother Everett.

Everett was taller than either of their parents with compact lean muscles. All through high school he'd been a star swimmer but had chosen to never enter sports. He felt his Lycan parentage gave him an unfair advantage. His hair held a looser curl and his eyes were different from the hazel shared by the rest of their family. Instead he'd inherited their grandfather's green eyes. Blaine could remember as a child catching Everett's eyes once by mistake and nearly wetting himself in submission. Everett was good. His refusal to take the role of Alpha had come as a shock to them all. For a short while there had even been a rumor circulating around the compound that Everett had fallen ill and was afraid he'd die young. It was fake of course. Everett turned down the position for his own reasons. Blaine wasn't sure what those reasons were yet but Everett had made peace with their parents. If they respected his choice then they all would.

Blaine didn't feel like he could get to Everett's house fast enough. Though he lived in the compound it wasn't in the main house, which was traditional for family of the alpha. In fact Blaine was the only one who'd chosen to stay. Blaine's second oldest brother Cooper had gone so far as to move to California the second he'd graduated high school. Blaine didn't let himself dwell on that. Everett's house was getting closer. He lived in the first row of houses in the compound in a corner house along the center street. Blaine gave up all pretense when he spotted the house, running straight through the lawn and nearly taking out his wife's tomato plants along the way. He ran into the door in his haste and took the opportunity to calm himself. Everett would already know he was there so Blaine took his time regulating his breathing and slowing down his rapid heartbeat.

Once he felt composed enough he opened the door and sought out his brother with his nose. Everett had always smelled like wheat. The house was of course soaked in the scent. Everett being the all encompassing presence that he was the smell oozed out of his pores and soaked into everything. Here and there you could smell the bright pops of citrus that was his wife McKenzie. She was a spritely little Omega from the Key's that had been on her way to Canada when they met. Blaine could tell she wasn't home at the moment. Her smell wasn't strong enough. Which was great because Blaine needed some serious one on one time with his brother.

He followed his nose to the den when Everett was tugging down the mattress from a futon onto the floor. Without a word Blaine plucked up the bundle of soft cotton blankets lying in a heap on the end table. When Everett tipped his head in invitation Blaine swaddled himself in the blankets and slumped down on the bed. When Everett joined him all he could see was the mess of curls that had broken free of a thick layer of gel. He tucked himself around Blaine, throwing his arm around Blaine's chest and letting his influence settle over Blaine like a thick blanket.

There was no need for words. Not yet. Everett had always been insanely good at reading Blaine's emotions, even when they swung between extremes. Blaine couldn't understand why he didn't want to be the Alpha. Everett was made for it, down to the last detail his body was designed to lead this pack. And instead of getting the alpha they deserved they were going to get Blaine. Blaine who couldn't even properly look after one sick boy without fucking it up. Blaine tried to control himself by taking deep breaths. He tried to focus on the thick smell of wheat coming off of his brother and the warm softness of the blankets he was tangled in. But he couldn't stop it.

All it took was for one single tear to escape before the dam was broken. Blaine sniffled and shook in his brother's arms. He was upset with himself and even Everett's dominating presence wasn't enough to chase away his feelings of guilt. He tried to curl his knees up so he could make himself into the small pitiful thing he felt he was. Everett allowed Blaine to ball himself up before he took action. He came in close behind his brother curling half on top of him like a mother wolf would do for her cubs. He let his weight and scent swallow Blaine up even farther, nearly suffocating him in his influence. Slowly Blaine's cries tapered off into weak, pitiful sniffles.

“I don't deserve to be the Alpha.” His voice was weak but absolute.


“I did something wrong. I broke someone's trust.”

Everett didn't have to think very hard to figure out what he meant. The only possible option was Kurt. Everett had yet to meet the boy. He and his parent's feared that his sheer dominating presence might overwhelm him. Even still Everett knew. There was no one else that could make Blaine act this way. If it had been anyone from their pack Blaine would simply speak directly to them, or hash it out with their parents and Leah. There weren't any wolves passing through at the moment. Discovering Kurt had lead Robert to put an effective stop in movement in and out of Ohio. It was a hassle, one the humans didn't appreciate. You'd think news of an abused child would loosen them up a little. And it wasn't like they blocked all of Ohio off from the world, they'd just made it more time consuming to get in and out.

“Do you want to talk about how?”

“Does it matter? I've done something horrible. I shouldn't be Alpha. I can't be trusted.” Under Everett's comforting weight it all seemed so simple. He shouldn't be the Alpha. Everett should. Blaine was the second choice, second by far, the replacement after you lose the best. And that was okay. Blaine didn't have to be Alpha. He could just be an alpha. He could stay close to home and protect his family and his pack without being the last line of defense, without being the moral leader. Then regardless of whether or not he made peace with Kurt he wouldn't have to live with being an immoral Alpha. He could just be a piss poor person.

“Blaine, I've known you your whole life. The only thing you can't be trusted with is cookies.” Everett smiled into Blaine's mop of hair and enjoyed the muffled laughter that rolled out of his brother. He still didn't know what Blaine had done to break Kurt's trust, if he even had at all, but it surely couldn't be so bad as he thought. “What did you do?”

“I can't. Just...I shouldn't have.”

Everett took a deep breath. Under his own heavy scent of wheat he could make out the smell of burnt matches on Blaine. Blaine was born in early November when the smell smell of blown out matches or candles was just becoming common. But there was no doubt to him that it was his brother and not simply the smell of the house. He smelt like his season. It was a sign of good things. Everett still believed in some of the old myths. Smelling of your season brings good luck. Children born under the new moon bore their mother heartache. White pelts carry the heaviest darkness. Blaine was destined for greatness. He was something Everett was not. He was more than a dominating presence. He was a calming one. He was charming and caring. He was in tune with each member of the pack, in love with them in a way Everett couldn't be. Blaine was going to be the Alpha whether he knew it or not. But he was still a child. Everett could give him the time he needed to come to terms with whatever it was he was thinking about.

“Well what do you want to do?” Everett could feel Blaine's unease so he didn't press. Everett knew what his little brother wanted to say, what he thought he wanted or deserved.

“I want to step down as Alpha in training. I want Dad to pass the title to you.” Blaine had hoped that passing along the reigns would ease his guilt. But deep in the pit of his stomach it simmered, sticking to his insides like tar.

“I'll talk to Dad.” After that there's no reason to talk. Blaine simply enjoys his brothers presence for as long as possible. Under the influence of his scent he feels young again, like the world could just melt away under him. They lie together long enough for McKenzie to come back from her errands. She too slipped into the pile, her bright citrus scent cutting through their heavier smells like a breath of fresh air. She linked her leg with Everett's over Blaine's hip and enjoyed the feeling too. They don't move until the sun has gone down and their wolves get restless. They're not meant to lie still for so long.

Everett and McKenzie walk with him up to the mansion. Dinner hasn't started yet. They had the good sense to not be late for that. Their mother is happy to see them and the Omega's spend dinner alternating between giggling and swaying like they were drunk. Blaine knew he'd never have this kind of effect on the pack. Some people were just better built for it. People like Everett Anderson.

Kurt doesn't feel right. His thoughts still feel groggy like he's under a haze of drugs. He can't remember taking any though. Where's Dad? He couldn't see his dad. Big man, little man, mama, and helper, no dad. Where's dad? Kurt did something he hadn't done since waking up in the strange new house. He pushed back the blankets and stepped out of bed. His legs felt weak as a new born colts. His knees trembled and knocked together but he stood. Using the bed as a guide Kurt walked slowly towards the door. If he could just see outside the room he could ask for his dad. He had to be somewhere. Dad never went far. Never left him alone too long. Wouldn't leave him forever. He wouldn't. Dad had to be in another room.

When the bed ran out Kurt took a wobbly step forward and caught the dresser along the wall. He used that next and it carried him almost to the door. His clutching hands and clumsy fingers knocked down bottles of lotion and toiletries sending them rolling onto the floor. The noise barely registered. He just wanted to be out. Big man was nice. Helper was nice. Mama and little man were nice. Too much nice. What were they hiding. Why was his mind foggy? Why was he here? Where's dad? Kurt became so lost in his panicked circling thoughts that he lost his grip. He stumbled away from the dresser and right into the door. His body slumped into the wood slamming it into the doorway with a bang. His hand groped for the knob, startled but still determined to get out of the room.

As his fingers got purchase and he was able to turn it his breathing swelled to quick pants. He was so close. Opening the door was difficult. His body was still leaning against it and more than once he banged his knee or side on the side of it. His agitation rose with each attempt until he finally yanked on the knob with all his strength and let himself fall backwards as it swung open. All at once it seemed that every smell in the world had just been waiting to get through. Clamoring all at once and fighting for his attention was the smell of food, burning candles, perfumes and soaps. But what itched his nose and burned through everything else was the smell of something alive. Something like him. A lot of them. It was more than the ones that had helped him eat.

Barely he could remember the group of boys than sang to him. All their voices sounded like one and their smells had run together. Kurt had only focused on the one with curly hair, the one that helped him eat and smelt like matches. The one that licked his neck like his mother had. Kurt rubbed at his nose, almost scratching, trying to get it the burning mix of smells away. A soft hand holds his wrists and pulls them away.

“Shh, shh. It's okay. It's okay. Take a deep breath through your mouth. Good. Good boy. Now a little through your nose. Not so fast. Shh, calmly. It's okay.” She speaks softly to him like the mama did. Her hair is long and red like Ariel's and it draws Kurt in like a moth to the flame. He forgets the rush of smells and runs his fingers through her fair. With pass the scents in the air melt down to something sweet and soft like vanilla.

While Kurt pawed through Joanna's hair the other Omega's stood just outside the room trying to barricade the poor boy from the harsher smells in the house. Everett's heavy wheat scent still carpeted everything like a fleece blanket. Alpha already knew Kurt was awake and moving and he'd agreed that it would be best to let Kurt adjust in stages. So the Omega's were to act as a buffer, shepherding him around the house and getting him use to walking again. Whether Kurt turned out to be an Omega or not didn't really matter. Their presence would be the most comfortable. They watched as Joanna helped the boy stand. He'd lost interest in her hair and was once again determined to step out of the room. None of them could blame him. It wasn't in a wolf's nature to be confined for so long. They'd all be itching for freedom too.

Since he was decently dressed, lunge pants and a Henley, they figured they could herd him out into the backyard. It was starting to get colder out but their Lycan blood could handle the small chill. Joanna and her friends kept a loose circle around Kurt shielding him from the curious and excitable wolves living there. His head was whipping from side to side, eager to take in every new sight that he could. “Ddd ahh...daa.” Kurt growled in frustration obviously angry that his mouth wouldn't make the sounds he wanted to. Being able to vocalize at all was a good sign though and Joanna had no doubt that in a few days time he'd be able to speak freely again.

“We're going outside. I think you'll like that. Some fresh air sounds nice doesn't it?” Joanna nuzzled her nose into his neck to try and calm him. But instead of settling him it sent him into a wave of new noises, all distressed and confused. The other Omega's stepped in closer trying use their combined scents to calm him. “Kurt.” The boy snapped his attention to Joanna at the sound of his name. His whining quieted to a dull insistent whimper. “It's okay Kurt.”

“Blaine.” Kurt was staring her down, his face determined. “Blaine. Blaine. Blaine. Blaine. Blaine.” He repeated the name over and over getting more insistent with each time. Joanna wasn't sure however if he was actually asking for Blaine or simply using the only word he could. The closer they got to the outside the less cooperative Kurt became. The smell of the open air should have calmed his wolf but the more civilized part of him was still stuck on knowing where he was. Kurt spotted a group of adult wolves, friends of Robert's who stayed at the compound during times of emergency. They looked like typical Ohio natives, strong, tall, covered in flannel. Kurt tried to twist out of Joanna's grasp to go to them, all the while making the same 'da' noise as before. Joanna could have smacked herself for being so oblivious.

The men faced him openly keeping their stances calm and non-threatening even as the Omega's tried to keep him back. Kurt looked towards Thomas, the oldest, and the only one with a shaved head. He made a loud noise then looked back at Joanna, then spun in a circle like he was looking for something. “I think he wants his father.”

“I thought he'd been abused.” The look on Connor's face was nothing short of confusion. He was the only male Omega in the pack. He was standing almost chest to chest with Kurt at the moment. His hands were hovering at the ready to keep Kurt from bolting but Joanna knew he wouldn't put much force into it. He wasn't that type of person.

“It might not have been his father. He could have been kidnapped.” Joanna wasn't so sure. To her it seemed that Kurt had been abused by his father but there was still hope. With no clues pointing directly to it there was a slim chance that there was some outlying perpetrator. There was still hope that somewhere parents were eagerly awaiting the return of their boy. She hoped. It was easier to hope than dwell on the most likely truth. The truth that meant Kurt was so use to being abused and caged that he was frightened to be away from his father.

Robert's friends didn't agree with her spoken sentiment it seemed. One of them even scoffed. If she were a braver person she'd snarl back. Instead she urged Kurt back towards the door. She had to keep a tight grip around his middle. He fought her every step of the way, digging his heels into the carpet and trying to twist out of her grasp. But the wolves didn't interfere and for that she was grateful. Ahead of her her friends opened the door and bracketed the sides of the porch so that he would have no choice but to go down the three steps to the lawn. With Kurt's mind still a little addled he could be easily distracted if the conditions were right. Crisp cool grass under his bare feet seemed to do just wonderfully. The fight simply left him. Kurt's whole body calmed and his face tipped up to soak in the afternoon sun.

For a few seconds all he did was step this way and that with his face upturned to the sun. The younger wolves scattered around the lawn paused in their games to watch. They'd been the least informed about the new addition to their pack. Robert had left a bulk of the explanation to the parents, allowing them to disclose what they chose fit. So long as they didn't share anything that would be a breach of the boy's privacy. Naturally they were all curious. To them Kurt seemed like an overgrown child. When simply wandering got too boring Kurt threw himself into the grass and rolled in it. The children watching broke out into giggles and approached, some more cautiously than others. Angelica is in the lead, her curled pig tails bouncing with every step.

The Omega's stand at the ready but don't block the children out. They would probably just get bored with Kurt and move along anyways. A little supervised curiosity couldn't hurt. Kurt seemed to enjoy his new playmates just fine. He sniffed at Angelica's bare little feet and tugged on the hem of her dress until she plopped onto the ground next to him. Kurt moved his hands up to tug on her pigtails and got a giggle in return. Then Angelica is tugging on the strands of his hair and one thing rolls into another until they're a mess of laughter tangled up in the grass. The other children have joined in at this point and the Omega's are sorely tempted to do so as well. Instead they hold back so they can supervise.

Most of the kids did wander away after the initial thrill and newness wore off. Angelica stayed though, not so discreetly checking Kurt over like she was his nurse. It wasn't until Kurt had tuckered himself out that he got morose again. He rolled himself away from Angelica and stared listlessly at the house. Joanna and her friends were sitting around him in the grass. “Where's your house?” Angelica's question is innocent and obviously the product of a wandering thought but still Joanna holds her breath. Kurt doesn't answer though. Instead he whines and tucks his face into his arm which is thrown out on the grass towards the house. “Is it far 'way? You can move here.”

“Angelica, come here sweetie.” Joanna reached out her hands for Angelica to come to her. She didn't seem to realize that she'd asked a sensitive question but went along anyways. She tucked herself into Joanna's lap and stuck her face in her neck. “Why don't you go get us some lunch? Malaya put some sandwiches in the fridge.”

“'Kay. Does Kurt want turkey or ham you think?”

“Just grab them all sweetie. Put them in a basket.” Joanna watches her run off humming happily. Kurt still has his face in his arm. “Kurt?” She crawls forward and puts her hand on his back. “You don't have to tell us. It's okay.” Following Joanna's lead the other Omega's come in close and place their hands on Kurt. Together their sweet scents cover him and lift his mood just a little.

“Dad...wan' Dad.” Kurt sniffles and rolls onto his back. No one knows what to say. Without being one hundred perfect sure who held him captive they didn't know how to reassure him. They didn't know if they really could. It was lucky then that Angelica had come skipping down the lawn with a picnic basket full of sandwiches. She stepped through the mess of Omega's and plunked down the basket, all while humming a happy little tune.

“I found turkey, ham, and peanut butter and jelly.” Angelica pawed through the wrapped sandwiches as she spoke. Her skipping had knocked them out of their little stacks. Joanna reaches into the basket once Angelica straightens up and plucks out a ham and a turkey. They're still not sure if he's allergic to anything. Joanna doesn't want Kurt to die of anaphylaxis on her watch. She holds them both out over Kurt's face for him to sniff at. He takes the turkey without a word and barely struggles to take it out of the wrapper. While they eat Angelica keeps up a constant stream of chatter. By the time they're finished Robert and Leah have come out to meet them.

With a pointed look Angelica stands and scampers away with the basket and trash. Joanna and her friends bow their heads in submission then take their leave. Joanna lingers for a second on the porch, curious to see how Robert and Kurt interact. Kurt greets them happily enough. She waits long enough to see Robert sit casually down next him and brush back his hair.

“It's nice to see you out and about Kurt.” Robert keeps his tone light and soft. He'd been started when he'd heard the guest room door crashed shut. It was Leah who'd had the sense to call the Omega's. With them securing Kurt, Everett was able to head out and home without causing a problem. Now that the boy had had sufficient time to calm down Robert was hoping they could have a little talk. Malaya assured him that Kurt was mostly lucid, even when he couldn't articulate his own thoughts. Robert wasn't ready to press the poor boy for information about his ordeal, but he could at least explain what was happening now. He cups his hand around Kurt's neck and rests it there, letting Kurt's wolf feel his Alpha's influence. He wants as much of Kurt's attention as he can get right now.

“Kurt my son found you.”


“That's right. Blaine found you in a basement. You were sick.” Kurt tenses under his touch but Robert stays his hand. Either Kurt will calm down himself or Robert will make him. “We've been taking care of you. This is my house. You're safe here Kurt. Safe.”

“Daaaad. Wan' dad.” Underneath Robert's hand Kurt trembles and tries to slide away. He wants his dad. He can't be safe without his dad. Not really. Where was he? Was he gone? Was he dead? He just wanted someone to take him to his dad. He couldn't understand why no one would tell him anything he wanted to know.
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