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Master Fic List

Neaislove's Master Fic List!!!!!


One Shots/AU's

1) Five Times Someone Noticed Kurt Was All Grown Up, and One Time He Really Wasn't. (Gen, Kurt/Blaine): Exactly as the title says. Rated T for some minor language.

5 and 1 fics

1) You (Blaine/Kurt): Blaine loves Kurt, no matter what lies beyond the surface. Rated NC-17 for sexual content


1) Changes: In a world were mutants are second-class citizens, some people must learn that even rejects have hierarchies. Rated T for now, subject to change.

Pairing is as of yet undecided, but will feature Kurt.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | TBC

1a) Skin: A Sam Evans chracter study: how Sam handles his unusual ability. Rated K


Settled World Verse:

The Settled World Verse takes place some time after "The Wall", however I started writing this before that episode aired. The point being Peter realised Gabriel had a bad past and that Sylar is a split personality. They're dating, all three of them, and they live together.

1) Ticking (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): Peter contimplates his two lovers and how they work. Rated G

2) Beauty (Peter/Gabriel): Gabriel's thoughts on beauty. Rated T for very brief language

3) Latex (Peter/Gabriel): Peter puts on latex pants for a good laugh. Rated T

4) Love This (Peter/Sylar): Peter screws Sylar in a hotel. Rated R, NC-17

5) Girls and Boys (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): The boys talk about their luck with the ladies and the men. Rated T for language

6) Waffles (Peter/Gabriel): Eating waffles is an event. Rated T for language

7) Piercing (Peter/Gabriel): Peter notices that Gabriel had a piercing, smut insues. Rated R, NC-17

8) Dirty Poems (Sylar/Peter): Sylar has a dirty Christmas poem to share. Rated R, NC-17

9) Misunderstanding (Peter/Sylar): Sylar and Mohinder have a misunderstanding and it's up to Peter to sort it out. Rated T for language

10) Gifts (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): Peter goes Christmas shopping. Rated T for language

11) Cleanliness (Peter/Gabriel): Gabriel has a meltdown and Peter picks up the pieces. Rated T for language/themes

12) Lipstick (Sylar/Peter): Sylar wants Peter to look pretty for him. Rated R, NC-17

13) Carol of the Bells (Peter/Gabriel): Gabriel discovers the wonders of the Youtube downloader. Rated K+

14) Early Morning Surprises (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): Sylar wakes Peter up with a not so special surprise and reaps the concequences. Rated M for language/themes

15) Reminders (Peter/Gabriel): Adding to the family is a big decision. Rated M

16) Consessions (Peter/Gabriel): Gabriel learns to make consessions. Rated R, NC-17

17) Neglect (Sylar/Peter): Sylar's been feeling neglected and he takes it out on Peter's ass. Rated R, NC-17

18) Intimacy (Peter/Sylar): Peter's going to be intimate with Sylar even if it kills him. Rated M

19) Tinsel (Peter/Gabriel): The boys decorate the Christmas tree and then christen it. Rated R, NC-17

20) Eggnog (Sylar/Peter): Sylar buys some provisions for semi-kinky sex. Rated R, NC-17

21) Dinner (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): Angela Petrelli visits for dinner. Rated T for language

22) Babysitting (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): The boys babysit a little girl. Rated K+

23) Shop Windows (Peter/Gabriel): Peter visits Gabriel at work and does a little more than ask the time. Rated R, NC-17

24) The Gift (Peter/Sylar): Peter gives Sylar a part of himself. Rated M for violence/language

25) Christmas (Peter/Gabriel): Peter and Gabriel enjoy Christmas day together. K+

26) Porno (Sylar/Peter): Sylar and Peter get down and dirty. Rated R, NC-17

27) Bad Day (Sylar/Gabriel/Peter): Gabriel meets Luke Campbell for the first time. Rated T for language

28) Tenuous Interactions (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): Luke Campbell comes over for dinner with the boys. Rated T for language/themes

29) MDMA (Peter/Gabriel): Mohinder tests the effects of MDMA on Gabriel with hillarious results. Rated R, NC-17

30) Complaints and Comfort (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): Sylar's still pissed about the MDMA inncident. Rated T for language

31) Punishment (Sylar/Peter): Sylar takes his anger out on Peter. Rating NC-17, hardcore

32) Laughter (Peter/Gabriel): The best cure for stress is a little laughter. Rating K

33) Eyebrow Piercing: Once upon a time Gabriel Gray got a piercing. Rated K+

34) Food Dye (Gabriel/Peter/Sylar): Gabriel plays a prank on Peter with Sylar's help. Rated R, NC-17 (takes place before December fics)

35) Mira (Mohinder/Mira): Mira pays Mohinder a visit, to ask for a favor. Rated K+

36) Desire (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): Gabriel and Peter test out Lydia's power. Rated K+

37) Good Morning (Peter/Sylar): Peter and Sylar have a 'happy' morning together. Rated R, NC-17

38) It's All Chemical (Peter/Gabriel): Gabriel tells Peter how their abilities work. Rated K

39) Long Day (Peter/Sylar): After a long day at work Peter and Sylar want a little relaxing lovin'. Rated R, NC-17

40) Peep Show (Peter/Gabriel): Gabriel sneaks a peek at Peter's provocative pants. Rated T, mostly for suggestive language

41) I Am Gabriel: Gabriel is his own person. Sylar came second. Rated T for violent imagery. (Takes place before Peter and Gabriel date)

42) Hallelujah (Peter/Gabriel): A blowjob gone good. Rated R, NC-17

43) Making a Movie (Sylar/Peter): Peter and Sylar make a porno. Rated R, NC-17

44) My Name (Peter/Gabriel Friendship): Peter and Gabriel discuss the origins of their names. Rated K+ (Pre-dating)

45) When I Think of Blowjobs, I Think... (Peter/Sylar): Peter reflects on getting blowjobs from his favorite serial killer. Rated R, NC-17

46) Bath Time (Peter/Sylar): The boys have a little erotic bath time. Rated R, NC-17

47) Hiding of All Kinds (Peter/Sylar): Sylar pisses Peter off, and reaps what he soes. But there's a thin line between punishment and reward. Rated R, NC-17

48) Great Strides (Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): Hesam demands SATISFACTION! Ha, no really, he just wants some answers. Rated K+

49) What do you Wish For? (Sylar/Peter...Gabriel): Peter sees a different side of Sylar this time around, but the sex is good all the same. Rated R, NC-17

50) Sometimes Babies Just Cry (Gabriel/Girl!Peter): Peter takes a step forward in building his family. Rated R, NC-17

51) Invitation (Gen-fic, implied Sylar/Peter/Gabriel): Noah receives an invitation to Peter's wedding. Rated T for language

One Shots/AU's

1) What's Mine (Sylar/Luke): Sylar teaches the lesson that you never touch what's his. Rated M for violence

2) With You (Peter/Sylar): Peter has a plan about what turns Sylar on. Rated T for language

3) Experimentation (Peter/Mohinder/Gabriel): Chandra takes Mohinder with him to research his patient zero canidates, the Petrelli twins. Rated R, NC-17

4) We Are All Sinners (Sylar/Peter): In a time ruled by the strict passions of religion, Peter comes across a man possessed. Rated R, NC-17

5) Milk (Peter/Sylar): Peter discusses breastfeeding. Rated K+

6) Illusions and Delusions (Sylar/Pretend!Mohinder): Sylar wants Mohinder to be his, but that will never happen. Rated T

7) Rooftop Encounters (Gabriel/Peter): Sex is better when you work for it. (Super hero fic). Rated R, NC-17

8) Bad Romance (Sylar/Peter): Kidnapped and sold, Peter fights for freedom. Rated M

Multi-Chapter Stories

1) Childhood Memories: A Special turns Peter into a child, and for now he's Mohinder's responsibility.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | TBC


1) 15 set (Peter/Sylar/Gabriel): Fifteen 100 word drabbles for the Save Heroes Drabble-a-thon. Rated K-R

2) Weather Set (Peter/Sylar/Gabriel): Ten 100 word weather related drabbles. Rated K-R

3) Saucy Set (Peter/Sylar/Gabriel): Ten 100 word Saucy drabbles. Rated K-R

4) Body Parts Set (Peter/Gabriel/Sylar): Ten 100 word body part related drabbles. Rated K-R

Star Trek 11

One Shots/AU's

1) Glasses Porn (Kirk/Spock): Spock has a thing for glasses. Rated R, NC-17

2) Instinct (Kirk/Spock): There are all kinds of instincts, but sexual ones...those are the best kind. Rated R, NC-17

3) Language of Love (Kirk/Spock): You can say love so many ways. Rated M for implied sex

4) Captcha is Xenophobic: Captcha is unsensitive to the nature of Spock's heritage. Rated K

5) Num Num: Kirk and Spock meet the Teletubbies. Rated K+

6) Russia (Sulu/Chekov): Sulu says something mean to Pavel, but that's okay. Rated K+

7) Down Time (Sulu/Chekov): Sulu and Chekov visit Russia. Rated K+

8) Mac and Cheese: Spock objects to Mac and Cheese, but Kirk insists. Rated K

9) Calling in a Favor (Spock/Kirk, gen): Spock babysits Joanna for McCoy, and she best's him. Rated K+

5 and 1 fics

1) About Vulcan Weaknesses: 5 times Spock was at a disadvantage for being Vulcan, and the 1 time he had he advantage because he was the Enterprises' Vulcan. Rated T for language

2) Always Be Prepared (McCoy/Spock): 5 times Bones had a hypo for that, and 1 time he had to make due. Rated R, NC-17

3) One Night No-No (Kirk/Various): 5 times Kirk had a one night stand go wrong. Rated R

4) Kirk's Harddrive: 5 things Kirk will never delete from his harddrive, and one thing he deleted without even looking at. Rated K+

5) Fear is in the Eye of the Beholder (Kirk/Spock): 5 times Jim should have been terrified but wasn't, and the 1 time he was. Rated T, mostly for language

6) The Bad Touch (Kirk/Various): 5 times alien biology got the best of Jim and the one time it didn't. Rated T

7) I Didn't Sign up for This! (McCoy/Spock, various): 5 times McCoy wanted to kill his patients and the 1 time he was that type of patient. Rated R


1) Skann: Amanda's pregnancy didn't correspong with Sarek's Pon Farr, do tell...

Parts 1-11 in one post | WIP
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