February 2nd, 2014


Glee Fic: Gone, Not Forgotten Chapter 7

Title: Gone, Not Forgotten
Chapter: 7
Summary: When Alpha in training Blaine Anderson finds a wounded lycan in the woods all of his training is put to the test.
Rating: PG-13
A/N: And now we come to the crux of Blaine's problem.


Movie night was always on Sunday. It was a great way for everyone to catch up and make new plans before everyone got busy again. The stay at home Omega's loved it because it was a great chance to send a boy to school pinning. With any luck they'd come back the next weekend hoping for a date. Their pack was in the lull where the un-mated Omegas were still too young to run off and get married but they were old enough to be thinking about it. Joanna was hoping to catch Thad's interest, bless her heart. Her campaign was about as effective as running headlong into a wall. Blaine was staying out of, as was everyone else. It was a bit of an insult to interfere with an Omega's pursuit.
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