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Glee Fic--Dragon's Fire (4)

Title: Dragon's Fire
Chapter: 4
Summary: Kurt spies a dragon on the edge of his village. He doesn't quite catch how taken the dragon is with him.
Rating: R
Warnings: Dub-con, talk of non-con
Word Count: 6,869
A/N: Whoa, this took forever. But now I actually have the whole story outlined so it should be better from this point onward.

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Tails of lands laid to waste by dragons carried on the wind like pollen to even the most remote villages. But like the smell of any flower it loses potency with distance. Never had Kurt been given a name to burned villages or an image of what dragons look like in battle. There were times he would lay awake late into the night with Noah and spin tales about what could have been. It seemed, in those early seasons, that their tales of dragon warriors would be the only such tales they would ever hear. Their grand and childish stories held not even a candle to the gilded and visceral stories Sam told him about his time as a soldier.

He spoke candidly, animated and confident as Mercedes carded her fingers through his hair. He spoke of cities, not villages, but cities. Grand places where groups as large as a thousand or more lived together. Dragon soldiers of Grimmlocke would make rounds to such places to negotiate treaties and make their presence known. Sam had fought in battlefields with swords and battle axes heavier than Kurt himself. He'd fought in the skies with fire spit so finely it cleaved enemies cleanly in two. Kurt did not dare to ask who their enemies were or what they fought over. To him it seemed a distant nightmare and he came to appreciate the protection the mountain offered. When it came time for dinner Kurt followed after the two of them gladly, so eager to hear more that he found no room in his mind for fear. The lindworm that had followed him before stayed behind, deeply asleep in a chair.

The meal area was as Blaine described it before, a large circular room where even the floors had not been properly leveled. Radiating out from the center of the room were several raised areas that others were using as benches. In the center of the room was a grand jagged hole. Kurt could not see it's bottom. He stared into it while the others passed him by, Mercedes staying as his quiet companion. He thought idly of what it would feel like to throw himself into it then shook the thought from his mind. The way Mercedes stroked his arm as he shuddered seemed to be a gesture of solidarity. He pulled himself away and scanned the room for Blaine and Sam. The two of them were near tables filled to the brim with meats and root vegetables. He could see stone plates and metal bowls stacked haphazardly on the floor near baskets filled with bread. His stomach growled at him, urging him to join Blaine and make himself a meal.

“Blaine will bring you a meal. I was scared too when I first came. But they are kind.”

“The first dragon I met tried to spill my innards.”

“There are always exceptions.”

Kurt raised his brow at her until she snorted and tugged him away. To Kurt's horror she lead him closer to the pit and pushed him to sit near a group of already gathered dragons. He could see no others with brands on their faces. They greeted Mercedes joyfully and smiled at Kurt but did not press for his name, which he supposed they would not need after seeing his face. She joined their conversation seamlessly, obviously picking up from earlier in the day. Kurt could not make heads or tails of it. They were engrossed in a conversation about a young dragon's failed attempts at fire breathing. From what Kurt could tell, the boy had lit his own tail on fire. They spoke in laughing tones, amused rather than malevolent. He could see that some of these girls had the strange metallic lacquer on their nails as well. He meant to lean forward and ask how it was done but he was thrust forward from his seat and onto his knees.

The uneven ground bit into his palms and knees. Kurt groaned tried to rock to his side but the person who'd tackled him pulled him from the waist until he was standing again. Over Mercedes' indignant fussing he could hear a high nasal giggle. “Put him down child.” Blaine circled around to Kurt's front and pulled him from Sugar's grasp. Then he pulled Kurt's palms forward and licked them slowly. His tongue was just as hot as Kurt remembered and his saliva was thick, filling into the nicks on his palms. “Sugar is enthusiastic. She wished to share a meal with you to make up for her shortness this afternoon.” The slick feel of spit on his palms made Kurt want to run to the nearest washroom but he held himself still. To keep from wiping it away he clasped his hands together and turned to Sugar who was leaning heavily against Mercedes. She was oblivious to the depreciating look she got for her actions.

“That would be wonderful Sugar.” She giggled in return and took his plate from the ground to give to him. His plate held a thick chunks of meat surrounded by largely chopped vegetables. It was all covered in a runny sauce that smelt of grease and spice. He was also given a small crusty roll and he spied by his seat a goblet of wine. With a wane smile he edged around Sugar and took his seat. Mercedes slid in next to him casually to keep Sugar at bay. Blaine slid in on this other side and pressed in close. All around him people were hunched over plates and bowls or draining goblets full of wine. Grease ran free down everyone's arms and bits of food stuck under nails. Cutlery was no where to be seen. The thick spit had yet to dry on his palms, clinging there as if Kurt were suppose to mix it with the sauce. Without looking up from his plate he could tell there were at least four sets of eyes fixed on him and his meal. So with a slick hand he pinched a piece of meat between his thumb and finger and brought it to his mouth. The meat was stringy but juicy. It may have been goat but Kurt wasn't sure, for all he knew it could be chunks of squirrel.

Blaine watched him pull the meat from his fingers, following the way his pink lips closed around the meat and sucked in. He watched Kurt's jaw work up and down, stretching his cheeks and working his throat. Blaine had often imagined finding a mate who's lips would fit snugly around his sex. Someone who would look as at home on his knees as he was on his feet or back. His thoughts drifted to visions of Kurt kneeling and staring prettily up at him, lips puckered and cheeks hollowed. He could see Kurt's thick dark eyelashes fluttering, leaving butterfly kisses against his brand then fluttering up to show his glittering eyes. A laugh brought him from his fantasy and back to the dinning cavern. Sugar was not so subtly pointing to his groin and laughing behind her other hand. Kurt, lost in a conversation with Mercedes and Sam, did not notice his predicament.

Blaine growled at her sending her into a louder fit of giggles. He threw his hard roll at her head and smiled wide when it bounced off her forehead and fell into her bowl. She stopped laughing immediately but kept her smile. The rest of their meal is filled with trivial chatter and Blaine's appreciative glances. Kurt does his best to keep his eyes away. When the last of his meal has been cleaned from his fingers he relents. Blaine has long since finished and though he talks with Sam, his eyes are fixed on Kurt. He follows a trail of seasoned grease as it trails from Kurt's palm, down his delicate wrist, until it stops sluggishly in the crook of his elbow. Kurt grimaces at the feel and discreetly looks for a cloth. It's a useless search, and an unnecessary one. In one word Blaine has moved from Sam's conversation to take Kurt's arm in hand. He licks from wrist to elbow, not in one stroke as Kurt wishes. Instead Blaine takes his time, bathing the skin of Kurt's arm with his tongue, splaying kisses and nips here and there.

The feel of it sends heat rushing to Kurt's cheeks. He supposed it could feel intimate, sweet and passionate if the setting were more discrete. But instead Kurt feels as if he's on display. Surely anyone who cared to glance in their direction could see Blaine's intentions. He wants to shake Blaine from him just as badly as he wants to turn towards the scorching tongue. When Blaine's eyes turn to his his resolve wavers. Truly Blaine has eyes worthy of song and poetry. They're a bright amber that seems to glow just so, framed with lashes as black as the soot that decorated the walls. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure Wild Flower.” As Blaine pulls away Kurt believes he'll receive a kiss on the hand in parting but it doesn't come. “Come with me. The day has been long.” Around them people, dragons and Mercedes, bid their farewells. Some of Mercedes' friends bat their eyelashes at him and trace his silhouette. It makes Kurt feel naked and shameful. The warm presence of Blaine against his back does nothing to soothe his vulnerability.

Together they walk through the grand halls, slow as Kurt dares. Blaine seems neither troubled nor amused by Kurt's odd dance from his toes to the flat of his feet. He wonders how long it was before Mercedes could walk flatfooted across the ground and if her feet had to burn through to pay for the opportunity. They take a different path back to Blaine's room, away from the pillars. Instead they pass room after room. Some look to belong to solitary couples, others have beds shoved every which way like a ramshackle orphanage bedroom. There are different colors, mostly bright, warm colors or earthy tones. He sees no blues, no silvers. Not a single door is closed. When they reach Blaine's room Kurt runs on his toes to a plush burgundy chair with stone backing. Blaine does not close the door behind him as he stalks to the bed and begins to strip.

Keeping his eyes low, he surveys the room again and the hall beyond. “If you never bother to close them, why do you bother with doors at all?”

“We are a very familial race Kurt. Closing doors on your family for no reason is rude. In times of sadness or great pain we shut our doors. The first day our hatchlings leave the nursery and when mates not of our race come we close our doors. Those times are for us, the rest is open to all of our family.”

“Our mating...sex. Sex is open to your family? Anyone who wishes it can come to our door and watch you take me?” The fire in Kurt burns, his sharp tongue, the one that got him into so much trouble back home, can no longer hold itself still. “It is entertainment? A sport to you?” As Kurt speaks he turns himself in the chair and raises himself as straight as he can without standing. Blaine frowns from the bed, shirtless. His pants are half way down his legs and still his form is imposing, almost scary.

“Mating is natural Kurt. Everyone mates. Sex is a primal call that we all answer. Why bother closing the doors to hide it? We do not watch others. We understand privacy. Doors do little to muffle the sound of pleasured cries Kurt. We do not treat sex as a sport. It is a bond, a greeting, and an embrace. Others have the right to know we are strong together.”

“And if I do not enjoy your intentions? Do you wish to air to others my displeasure? My anguish over being taken like a brothel whore? Does your family listen for sobs as closely as moans?” Chest heaving and face red Kurt stands tall, eyes boring into Blaine, willing him to rise. For too long there is nothing but the sound of his own harsh breathing. As Blaine finally rises Kurt pushes back the urge to flinch. Pants slide to the ground as an afterthought as the dragon stalks forward, slow and taught like a predator.

“Your body enjoyed my intentions. The evidence of that is still smeared across my sheets.”

“It seems my mind and body are in disagreement.” Kurt pushes out the quip in a deadpan tone Santana would be proud of, but feels little victory in his remark. It has done nothing to deter Blaine.

“I will have to rectify that then. We are mated Kurt. You wear my mark. Your love for me will come, as sure as the day.”

“I don't want to love you.”

“But you will.” Heat flares from Blaine's arms and Kurt's brand calls in kind, seeping into his skin and warming him to his bones. Across his hips the fire burns down and coils in his groin. Rough fingers skim under his tunic and tickle the skin. Then they move down, into his leggings and across his brand. It sings under Blaine's touch, sparking pleasure under the pads of his fingers, enough to make Kurt's knees buckle. Blaine catches him, holding tight with one arm while his other hand dances across his hips. “I can give you pleasure Kurt. So much.”

“You cheat. Magic.” Though his voice shakes, Kurt feels that it is a victory. The clench of Blaine's jaw is his prize. The hand is gone from his leggings instantly and the heat rushes out with it. For a moment Kurt feels oddly cold. Blaine stands before him, naked and slighted. His eyes look darker.

“Strip. Then lie down on the bed. On your back.” It is a command, not a suggestion, though Kurt longs for it to be. He strips angrily, tossing his clothes about like he doesn't care for his modesty. As he stalks past Blaine to throw himself into the bed he tells himself that any pain he feels next will be Blaine's desire entirely. One does not earn rape from a quick tongue. It does not cross his mind that he will enjoy it.

The bed dips as Blaine joins him. His body, as always, is a wall of heat that rolls over him, taking away the coolness of the silken sheets. Kurt closes his eyes as Blaine takes his place, kneeling over his hips. He tries to let his mind drift away, to think of hot summers spent lying across rocks near the lake. As the heat looms closer Kurt tries to picture his friends leaning over him, hot from a long day of work. But the feel of plush hot lips against his nose shatters the illusion. Those lips felt nothing like Brittany's, thin and coated with melted sugar and berry juice. Neither did they feel like Dave's, thinner still and rough from biting. No, the lips pressing against his nose, cheeks, and eyes were soft and plump. The kisses were gentle and chaste, almost like a mother's. But Blaine strayed and pressed his lips to Kurt's mouth. Before he could tighten his mouth and clench his teeth Blaine moved on, pressing kisses along his jaw, up to his ear then down his neck. The light, damp kisses and the soft curl of Blaine's breath against his sensitive skin made his skin tingle at his neck and down his leg.

The soft kisses continued until Kurt relaxed entirely, his limbs heavy weights sinking into the bed. The heat shifted, taking the kisses along with it. Blaine trailed his mouth down Kurt's neck to his chest. There, rough fingers traced lightly over his skin, raising gooseflesh and making Kurt shiver. Blaine swirled his fingers slowly, sometimes catching the edge of a nipple, but mostly just teasing the broad expanse of pale skin. Kurt curled his fingers in and out across the sheets at his sides, slowly to help him keep his breathing even. The warm, wet kisses started again. Blaine sucked and licked his way down Kurt's body slowly, pulling a wave of warmth with him. He arched his back and pressed his forearms against the bed to cradle Kurt's hips. At the last moment Blaine brushed his thumbs up to avoid pressing against Kurt's brand. When Blaine nips the skin just below Kurt's bellybutton he can feel the warm weight of Kurt's beginning erection against his neck.

As the sun rose over the mountain's peak the dragon's began to wake. Among the rising den of voices Kurt thought he heard the rustling of a leathery wing. Slowly Kurt woke, taking care to catalog the pain and soreness in his body. There was a dull throb deep inside of him, but it felt nothing like the fire from his first coupling. He was happy to note that he felt no residual stickiness. A soiled cloth on the floor told him that Blaine had cleaned him. He tried to pull himself from Blaine's stifling embrace and discovered the burn in his thighs. It was odd, different from the soreness of a hard day's work but not overly unpleasant. The rest of him felt rested, a contrast to his feelings. Blaine had made him feel wonderful. He remembered the slow burn that overtook him and the blinding flash of pleasure that had him quaking against the bed. Not once had Blaine used his brand against him. Dimly Kurt felt guilt. But it was buried under shame and Kurt didn't want to deal with it at all.

He'd moaned like a harlot, loud and unabashed. He had no doubts that the mountain at large had heard him begging for more. Kurt raised his hands and hesitantly placed them on Blaine's arm, which was thrown across his chest. He could feel the corded muscle beneath the hot skin and remembered the feel of it wrapped around his middle from the night before. Kurt longed to push the arm from his body, and would have tried to last night. But he felt different. There was no denying that he was connected to the dragon beside him for the rest of his life. It was their way. Acting as a petulant child had done nothing but make his transition harder. Blaine had shown last night that he could give pleasure without expecting the favor to be returned. And that was the problem. Blaine had made him feel good. Better than. Kurt had felt cherished. The pleasure Blaine had given him drove the fear and anger from his body. Kurt had found himself eagerly accepting Blaine's touch and reacting in kind. He'd not done much, his hands were clumsy and his knowledge was severely lacking but Blaine had seemed to enjoy what little he'd allowed Kurt to do.

“Did Mercedes feel this way?” His whispered question does him no better out in the open than it did in his mind. It's irrelevant really, Mercedes had hinted before that she had not been taken in the same manner. Before she could comment on it more the little lindworm had clamored his way in between them and ended their conversation. It was an ugly little thing, pot bellied and black. It had large bulging yellow eyes and and squashed in snout. The talons on his wing tips were cracked and chipped. Mercedes said it was probably from fighting. The dark shiny patches near the tip of his tail were scars from where it's tail talons had been ripped off. Kurt had cooed at it then, understanding what it felt like to be the runt, unwanted and mocked. As he pictured the small dragon in his mind he heard a soft snuffling and the light scratching of claws against smooth stone. But as the snuffling and scuttling drew closer Kurt realized he wasn't just imagining things.

Though he expected it, the light scratch of a nail against his naked leg made him jump. The lindworm struggled to pull himself onto the bed and Kurt could do nothing to help as Blaine was still pinning him to the mattress. “Up here little one.” It jumped and sunk a claw into Kurt's thigh. Kurt hissed and curled closer into Blaine. He could feel a drop of blood welling up in the prick. “Try not to maim me please.” Kurt could hear the little dragon's claws clacking furiously against the stone and he raised his head as best he could to see what was happening. The lindworm had backed up a great deal and hunched himself down like a cat about to pounce. Kurt laughed quietly as it threw itself into a run and jumped high, landing on the bed. It slid right into Kurt's thigh then dithered back and forth, so happy in it's victory that it wasn't sure what to do with it. “You've done so well. I'm proud.” At his soft words of praise the lindworm lopped forward and clawed its way onto Kurt's stomach up to Blaine's arm. It paid no mind to Kurt's wince. Up close the lindworm looked no better than Kurt remembered, but he could not deny that there was something heartwarming in it's bright, happy eyes.

“You should name it.”

“Oh! Oh...you are awake.”

“Only for a moment now. You should name it if you intend to keep it.” Blaine spoke softly, with a hint of weary sadness in his voice. Kurt tried to ignore that.

“You would let me make a pet of a dragon?”

“Lindworms are not the same as us. They are clever yes, but no more so than a dog or horse. You may not house all of them but this one,” here Blaine raises his arm and runs his hand across its back, “is a runt. He will die soon on his own and if it brings you comfort I would not keep him from you.”

“The others won't find it distasteful?”

“No. Odd maybe, but not rude. Dragons are not in the habit of keeping pets.” With this Blaine curled himself tighter around Kurt, bringing his leg up higher to rest over Kurt's hips. His arm curled heavily across Kurt's neck and his mouth was resting softly on his shoulder.

“Soja. That sounds right.”

“Does it mean anything?”

“No...it just sounds nice.” Blaine hummed in agreement and closed his eyes.

It was another hour before Kurt and Blaine pulled themselves from bed. They had dressed in silence, keeping their eyes from each other. When Blaine led him to breakfast Kurt did not shy away from Blaine's gentle hands. Eating was quiet and Kurt feared the whole day would go on much the same way, with the two of them whispering at each other as if at a wake. Thankfully Mercedes came to the rescue and volunteered to show Kurt the mountain's best feature.

“A hot spring?”

“A hot spring.” Mercedes giggled loudly at Kurt's dumbfounded look and began to strip without fear. She laughed again at Kurt's yelp and waded slowly into the steaming water. “I know, I know, hot to hot but the water is divine. These waters can soothe a man better than the soft caress of a woman.” Kurt looked her straight in the eye, face blank.

“As I have never longed for the caress of a woman I wonder how much these waters will actually help me.” He ignored her huff of laughter and wrapped his fingers around the hem of his tunic. Soja circled his feet like a cat then pulled at the beaded strap of his boots before looping into the water. He landed with a splash greater than his body should have been capable of and turned on his back to float. With a sigh Kurt pulled up his tunic and laid it gently across a high boulder. His boots were put carefully at its base and his leggings were placed over his tunic. With his hands cupped in front of his groin Kurt edged to the water, eyes wary.

The water was hot, no surprise there, but it felt like a bath not like water set to boil for laundry. His knotted muscles relaxed bit by bit and the gentle current seemed to pull the grime from his body. “This is wonderful.”

“And you doubted me.”

“Never again I'm sure.” They smiled at each other through the steam and broke into giggles. For the first time Kurt felt at home. He rolled his shoulders and set about walking the length of the pool so that he could become acquainted with it. It would be just his luck to fall straight into the hole that lead into the deep spring. Mercedes kept to the side, playing halfheartedly with Soja. When he finished his walk across the spring he came back to Mercedes and the two of them chatted about themselves. She was tactful enough not to ask about his home or family and Kurt did his best to return the favor. It wasn't long before the heat from the spring had them lazy and tired. They drifted off into a comfortable silence.

Kurt was no stranger to communal bathing. His village had been relatively poor. His home had a small room dedicated to cleaning oneself up, but there was no tub, just a spigot and a large basin. The bathhouse sat on the edge of the village. Noah's family maintained it and only asked small amounts for its usage. In his youth Kurt often got in for nothing more than a handful of berries and a wide smile. He knew to keep his eyes on himself as often as possible and to wash his privates quickly and efficiently. Lingering lead to snickers among his peers, no one was safe from that. It was becoming clear to Kurt that Mercedes was not raised in a poor village where communal bathing was commonplace, or else she had little concern for modesty. He caught her several times staring blatantly at him and not blushing in the slightest when she got caught. She moved about in the spring as if she owned it and Kurt were merely a visitor. Kurt tried to keep his gaze away but the feel of her eyes on his naked body had him glancing back again and again. It wasn't long before he noticed the mark on her skin.

Across her side is a vivid red was a scar from breast to belly. He tried not to let his gaze linger, lest she be self concious about it. Besides her scar there was not much for Kurt to focus on. The water was warm, as was all water on the mountain, but there was a breeze sweeping down the rock face and cooling their bodies. The cool air pebbled their nipples and Kurt found himself wary of making eye contact with her. On the water's surface Soja floated lazily on his back, weaving between their bodies as the water dictated. His talons ran gently across their stomachs and backs as he passed. Kurt had tried to follow his small body with his eyes but the clear water offered him a plain view of Mercedes' nether region and Kurt stopped trying. But the scar called to him. It was as slim and percise as the one across his hips.

"Your head must ache for all its imprisoned questions. Ask. Or did Blaine steal your tongue away last night in his passion?"

Heat rises to Kurt's cheeks at the jest. Blaine's attempt to pleasure him the night before had quickly become the most interesting gossip. Sam and Mercedes had congratulated him over breakfast. A childish part of him wanted to rise from the water and leave on principle. The soothing water and Mercedes' coy smile stilled him. "Your scar, did a dragon give it to you?" She smoothed her hand across the scar then brought her hand to her breast, over her heart.

"Sam gave it to me yes. It was nessecarry."

"Like...sex? How the manner of sex was nessecarry?"

"This scar was not about pain or training. I am human Kurt. To live forever at Sam's side he must give me a part of himself. He stitched a scale from his underbelly into my side. For as long as he lives so too will I." Years stretch before Kurt like the achers of a forest. It could seem to go on forever to those lost inside, but even the most helpless of wanderers will reach its edge eventually. For dragons years seemed more like the line of the horizon. Kurt had not give thought to how that would affect their joining.

"Will he do the same to me?"

"In time all of us are given a scale."

After there was quiet for some time. The only noise were Soja's occassional snorts and the gentle babbling of the water. A sense of peace washed over Kurt. While relaxing against the crystal clear water with a friend he could believe he was home, floating through the lake with Santana and Brittany. Laughter carried on the wind and he imagined it to be Rachel waiting on the shore, too worried about Santana's sharp tongue to join them. But the laughter did not stop. It grew louder and louder, bouncing off the rocks and coming closer. Kurt wrapped his arms around his chest for modesty and turned to see Sugar sprinting towards them. She shed her clothes as she went and Kurt turned back swiftly at the sight of her bare chest. His turn brought his gaze to Mercedes' bosom. As quick as he could, Kurt covered his face with his hands and thus was unable to fend off Sugar's attack. The young dragon waded into the water and threw her arms around Kurt's middle. Her pebbled nipples pressed against his back made him think of Brittany.

“Sugar, please, let go.”

“Oh, you don't love me anymore?”

“I...I am a little uncomfortable.” Sugar huffed good naturedly and splashed through the water to Mercedes. She wound herself around Mercedes and tucked her face in her shoulder.

“Once you're finished here Blaine wants to see you.”

“Am I in trouble?”

“No. At least I do not think so. Blaine is rarely angry, it wrinkles his face. He looked happy.” Mercedes turned her head back and smiled widly at Sugar.

“I'll bet he's happy.” Together they dissolved into giggles, and pointedly ignored Kurt as he waded angrily to the other side of the spring. He was mollified only slightly when he realized Soja followed him.

By the time they leave the spring Sugar is the only one to escape pruning. She laughs at them the whole way through the mountain, each time Kurt believed she was through she would titter again and skip ahead. Mercedes had intened to follow them but Sam caught up with them and lead her away. After her departure Kurt followed behind Sugar slowly, trying not to mope. She'd taken him to the other side of the mountain, to a room that was half open to the sky. The floor was covered with animal furs and woolen blankets. There were toys tossed in piles along the walls. “This is a playroom.”

“Does...Blaine has a child?”

“No. I am the only child Blaine looks after. He likes to play with them. He sings to them most nights.” Kurt nods, relieved. The thought that he would have to share Blaien with a child, someone elses child, angered him. And worried him. A dragon child would surely win any war of affection. Sugar he could compete with. He sticks close to her as children begin filing in. Some parents wave at the doorway and leave quickly, others file in and have to be pulled away. The children run wildly through the room, laughing and screaming. They clamor for toys and the best seats. Kurt and Sugar are ignored almost completely, like furniture. A little girl with chunky wooden beads pulled over her braids tugs on Kurt's bootstraps with interest. He crouches to explain how he made the beads and is wrangled into a promise to make her a set when Blaine walks in.

The little girl moves quickly from Kurt's hunched form to wrap herself around Blaine's legs. “Blaine! Blaine! It's story time. Are you telling? Are you? Are you?” Blaine smiles down at her and lifts her to his hip.

“No, I am here to listen today.” Sugar juts her hip out, bumping Kurt, and crosses her arms.

“But it is your turn to tell a story.” Blaine clicks his tongue and lets the little girl down on a soft deer fur.

“Child, tell Kurt of our birth.”

“Why do you not tell it?”

“You have always demanded a chance at drama Child. Embrace while I feel charitable. Or would you rather I throw the next roll straight into your mouth?” Sugar straightens and rolls her shoulders back, as if she's settling in for a long lecture. Around them children huddle in closer, obviously eager to hear Sugar's impending tale. All people had origin stories. The Berry's would bring tell of peoples with pointed ears or red skin, people who's skin was hard as rock or small as flower blooms. Together with Rachel and Noah he would huddle in close and listen to how they came to be. He'd never heard even a whisper about the beginnings of dragons. To him it seemed that they always had been, born from the rock of the very mountains they lived in.

“When the Earth came to be it was all rock and fire. The first dragons lived there alone, circling the red skies, landing only to drink acid water. Predny was the oldest dragon, the first. He remembered all the other dragons who came into being and he took a mate, Druzka. When they mated the arcs and swirls on Predny's great wings appeared on Druzka. All of their children: Znalost, Pycha, and Umrite, had marks too. Each set different and beautiful. But they saw these marks only on their family and yearned to see such beauty elsewhere. Znalost took to the land and searched on foot for years. He found nothing like the marks on his wings. Znalost was no fool. So he urged his sisters to help him in his search.

“In time the three siblings came upon a rock unlike any other they had ever seen. There were veins of glittering light coming from it. Gold. The first they had ever seen. Pycha wanted to show everyone. So together they tried to lift it to the skies. But the rock was heavy and it fell from between them back to the hard earth below. The rock burst apart at the glittering seams and a great light came from its middle. In the years that followed the land started to soften. Greenery grew and the red bled from the sky until it was a soft blue. New creatures came. Creatures that walked on land and swam in the clearing waters.

“Pycha told all who would listen that she was to thank for the great change. Znalost was saddened that his sister took credit and would quarrel with her at the flap of a wing. To escape the tension Umrite went to land again and traveled among the new beings. It was there that Umrite met a green bipedal creature. She tempted him from his tree home with the glint of her scales. She taught him her tongue and he taught her the words not in her own language. Tree, grass, flower, and bloom. They fell in love. Umrite begged Predny and Druzka to help her, to make her more like her love. They told her that she should be proud to be a dragon, that the love she felt would pass. But Umrite was determined. She asked Znalost, the smartest she knew, for advice. He told her that Magik could help. Magik came from the rock and changed the world beneath them, surely it could change her too.

“So Umrite went back to where the glittering rock had split apart and laid across it. She breathed fire across it as if it were an egg and cried over it when that did not work. In her sorrow she neglected to visit her love. After some time he came to her and sat at the base of the rock. He wept with her, knowing that they would never be together as others could be. They stayed for some time, all the while Umrite's love breathing in her smoke. When Druzka came to tempt Umrite home she discovered that the green creature had Umrite's markings across his face and naked hips.

“Druzka called Predny and her other children to come see. Pycha saw the markings and shouted for all that could hear that her rock, her discovery, had created a new miracle. It was too much for Znalost to handle. He roared, so loud it shook the soot from the glittering rock. He charged at Pycha and they fought. Their claws and teeth tore into one another until blood soaked the ground around them. Umrite tried to urge her lover away but he refused. He saw the sadness on Umrite's face and clung to her side. Druzka and Predny tried to stop the fight, but their interference made their children fight harder. In the clash Umrite's love was harmed. Pycha's talon tipped wing tore into the green man's flesh, deep across his side. The fighting stopped when Umrite cried out. Her family watched as she roared and cried above her love's dying body. When he took his last breath Umrite began to tear at herself. She ripped her scales from her sides and belly until she could move no more.

“Mourning the loss of her youngest daughter, Druzka plucked a scale from ground and forced it into the green man's wound. This way he could be with her always. It was in their mourning after that they each took a humanoid form, to honor the life of Umrite and the love she could not have.” At the end of the tale Kurt hugged himself around the middle and closed his eyes, so that he too could mourn Umrite and her lost love. He could see Mercedes in his mind, the livid scar across her side that would tie her life to Sam's. Around him children begin to talk again, mostly amongst themselves but a few ran to Sugar's skirts to ask questions. He wonders if Umrite's lover was a Fae, a pixie in particular. He knew them to be green or blue. If so his place in Grimmelock could not be so frowned upon. If his people were held in such high regard it could mean his future could be bright. Thus far no one had looked down upon him for his voice, his looks, or for being Blaine's whore. Mate, was his given title, but still he felt like little more than a well
kept body.

“Sugar always forgets the end of the story.” Blaine stands close behind Kurt as he speaks, but does not kneel on the floor to speak only to him. “The gold veined rock broke apart more with time and before his death Predny plucked a piece from the rubble and fashioned it into a ring. It sits in the room of an elder, along with a crown adorned with Predny's scales instead of jewels.” There are children watching and suddenly Kurt feels foolish. He stands quickly and skims his fingers across Blaine's arm, the ghost of affection, then hurries from the room. He does not have to look back to know that Blaine follows him. Kurt imagines Blaine's eyes burn with the same intense lust they always do when turned to his person. It sends a shiver up his spine and has him walking faster.

Buried so deep in his thoughts Kurt does not notice the approach of another dragon until he collides with him. Blaine is there in an instant, helping him to his feet and apologizing to the other dragon. He is tall, with brown curled hair and a dimpled chin. He is clothed in heavily patterned silk from head to toe. His shoes look as if they had never seen the light of day or touched dirt undertoe.

“I am sorry. My mate is still dazed from our joining.” The man nods and glides down the hall with only an insincere smile in return. Kurt gets the sinking feeling that he's wronged another dragon that is all too happy to gut a human.


Right, so this took forever and didn't do the way I meant it to. I didn't mean for them to argue after dinner. Originally my plan was for Blaine to just pull Kurt aside and get down to business, but I couldn't resist throwing in a smart ass comment and it all devolved from there. But I did mean to have the origin story in there. The reason it took so long was because I had to sit down and plan out what the story would actually be about. You know, the villains and such. But now I've got it down and all the introductory stuff is out of the way so some plotty stuff will come up in the next chapter. I hope you guys liked it.

The names in the origin story do actually mean something. Bonus points to anyone who can figure it out. Also I have Mercedes' whole pre-dragon life planned out.


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Jul. 5th, 2012 11:29 pm (UTC)
Amazing update! I love the work you're doing with Kurt's characterization and I really liked the legend at the end!
Jul. 6th, 2012 02:23 am (UTC)
I love this story! I was so happy to see that it had updated and I read it as slowly as I could so I could stay immersed in this world you've created. I wait eagerly for an update :D
Jul. 6th, 2012 03:09 am (UTC)
This was great! I loved this chapter! Thank you so much for updating.
Jul. 6th, 2012 04:18 am (UTC)
Gosh, this is so awesome! I love all the world building here. I'm happy with the small development with Kurt and Blaine, I cant wait to see how it evolves!
Jul. 6th, 2012 04:19 am (UTC)
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I was so so happy when I saw that this updated, I was afraid you'd abandoned it! *happy squees of delight at a new chapter, AND the fact that you've outlined the whole story so now there's much more to come!!*

And what a wonderful chapter it was. <3 I'm in love with Soja, he's so adorable and I love Kurt's human-pet relationship with him. But Blaine's ominous line of how Soja would die soon anyway left me sad. =O Why will Soja die soon? Can't he live longer now that Kurt will take care of him? (Or did Blaine mean that Soja would die soon in comparison to the hundreds of years dragons seem to live?)

As always I love the world-building you're doing here, how imaginative and detailed everything is, from what they eat to the hot springs to Soja's description to the dragon-scale-in-mate ritual to the lovely origin story. It's really entertaining and fascinating to read, and keeps me engaged and hanging on your every word; I love getting to explore new worlds through fiction. <3

Ooo, was that brown-haired dragon Kurt bumped into Mr. Schue?! =O (curly hair, dimpled chin) *worried about what that might mean if it was*

And now I'm wondering if Kurt's fae blood will have any interesting reactions during the scale ritual, or if Kurt will ever be able to command any fae abilities that may have passed down to him. Very curious.

I love Kurt and Blaine's characterization here, and their dynamic. You said that you didn't originally plan for the argument scene, but I thought it worked really well. It let Kurt release his frustration and hurt over how he's been treated, but ultimately it proved that Kurt would still submit to the bond - to Blaine; that he'd eventually succumb to the love building between them. I like how Blaine is still dominate to Kurt but in a loving way, and how it seems like there's hints that Kurt will come to love and submit to Blaine not as his slave but his equal, still fiesty and stubborn. But I love most that this isn't happening right away, that it's all developing gradually, and that we get to learn more about Blaine and the dragon's world right along with Kurt, who is still shy and unsure about his new life.

So, word vomit comment summarized = I LOVE IT and I can't wait for more!! =D

Also - last comment I promise ^^' - I love the scene with Mercedes, Kurt, and Sugar in the hot spring. Poor Kurt, trying not to look at Sugar's nakedness only to see Mercedes's then being forced to close his eyes. XD Made me laugh.

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Epic Comment is Epic. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Soja is safe I promise. What Blaine meant was that left alone with his peers Soja would get killed. So because Kurt took him in, he'll be fine. I have plans for Soja, so no worries there.

And yes, that was Mr. Schue there at the end. As for the Fae blood, I want to keep that a secret for now.

But I loved writing the hot spring scene. I just kept imagining him being like 'I want to leave!' and 'But the water feels so nice...'
Jul. 9th, 2012 07:46 pm (UTC)
This is such an incredible story! I'm completely hooked, and I just read all four current parts in one sitting. Super excited for the rest of this, and I hope your mum is well. My thoughts are with you and your family. XXX
Jul. 10th, 2012 12:35 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you're liking it. And thank you for your thoughts. She's doing fine now. She's on loads of medications, but she's recovered wonderfully.
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Excuse me? Am I correct in thinking that you have read something from my blog of your own free will and are now criticizing me because I have more important things to do with my time than update my blog regularly? Is that what your comment is about?

Do yourself a favor and find someone who gives a shit about your opinion.
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I hope you haven't completely abandoned this story! It's a really interesting and unusual au ...
May. 13th, 2013 11:35 am (UTC)
Nope. I'm just kind of stuck with some middle bit in the next chapter. Like I know where I want to be but I can't get there.
Oct. 13th, 2013 03:39 am (UTC)
Are you still planning on continuing this? I just came back to read it for the 3rd time...still hoping there will be more someday.
Oct. 13th, 2013 03:49 am (UTC)
Yeah I'm just kind of stuck but I hoping to have something up before the month is through.
Oct. 16th, 2013 01:09 am (UTC)
fantastic! if all else fails, short time jump to what you're sure about then just do a flashback when you're able to grab ahold of what's got you stuck? :)
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